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    • Linear and angular measurement, general
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    • Special purpose gauges
    • Spirit levels
    • Protractors and sine bars
  • Measuring instruments
    • Measuring instruments, pneumatical
    • Dial gauges, precision tracers
    • Flatness profilometers
    • Straightness measuring devices
    • Inclinometer
    • Squareness measuring devices
  • Measuring machines
    • Measuring device construction
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • Linearity testing machines
    • Special purpose measuring devices, general
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    • Calibration (German Calibration Service - DAkkS)
    • Calibration
DAkkS Calibration Inclinometers
The German Accreditation Body DAkkS granted our calibration laboratory accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for inclinometers in Main 2020. Since then, our customers have benefited not only in the ISO, but also in the DAkkS area from short lead times, attractive prices and ...more

Repair instead of throwing away
By purchasing high-quality measuring and testing equipment you make an important contribution to environmental protection. High-quality equipment has a long life expectancy and can be repaired if necessary. Please send your repair to us. Our service centre in Kleinostheim is specialised ...more

You present high-quality metrological products exclusively to well-known business customers, you are part of a strong TEAM. Come to messwelk. We offer you a good overall package.

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Inclination measuring system BlueSYSTEM II
With the new BlueSYSTEM II, we are fulfilling the market's desire for particularly attractively priced and "smart" metering systems. Your measurement processes become faster and more efficient. In addition to 2-channel and 4-channel measurements, 6-channel measurements are now also ...more