Kreon Technologies
ESTER TechnopoleHall 10 - Stand 1409

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  • Measuring instruments
    • Coordinate measuring and multi coordinate measuring devices
    • Distance measurement, non-contact
  • Measuring machines
    • Three-dimensional measuring machines
    • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
    • Measuring machines, mobile
  • Devices and machines for non-destructive testing
    • Laser measuring systems

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Advanced solutions for 3D measurement
KREON TECHNOLOGIES is a French manufacturer of 3D measurement solutions. Resulting from 30years’ experience and from R&D, its products’ range suits various applications, such as quality control, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, fast inspection. It is used in numerous sectors for its ...more

Zephyr III range, the long-awaited productivity on CMM
The Zephyr III range benefits from Kreon® 's 30 years of experience in manufacturing and integrating 3D scanners on CMMs. 3D scanners are a valuable addition to digitally controlled CMMs, maximizing their potential. Thanks to the time saved, they meet both production and return on ...more

KREON Ace measuring arms
Thanks to innovative technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Kreon® measuring arms from the ACE range offer advanced 3D measuring solutions for both scanning and probing. Compliant with the latest ISO standards and compatible with leading software available on the market, they meet ...more