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  • Measuring instruments
    • Thickness meters
    • Measuring microscopes
    • Measuring tables
    • Roughness profilometer
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • General-purpose microscopes
    • Stereo magnifying glasses
  • Components for measuring and testing equipment
    • Lighting systems
  • Material testing apparatus
    • Metal microscopes
    • Stereo microscopes
    • Material testing equipment and machines, general
  • Devices and machines for non-destructive testing
    • Apparatus for non-destructive testing
    • X-ray diffractometers
    • X-ray apparatus
    • Ultrasonic equipment
    • Ultrasonic probes
    • Eddy current testing devices
    • Eddy current instruments for crack detection
  • QA Microsystem technology
    • Measuring and testing technology for microsystem technology
  • Other apparatus, instruments etc.
    • Products for photographic documentation
    • Meteorological measuring instruments
  • Systems and apparatus for image processing
    • Endoscopes
    • Microscopes with digital picture processing
    • TV microscope systems
  • Software for computer aided quality assurance
    • Control systems for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Organisations / publishers / services
    • Archiving of images
    • Non-destructive testing
Vanta™ GX Precious Metal Analyzer - Simply Accurate Jewelry Analysis
Buy and sell gold, jewelry, coins, and other valuables with confidence using the Vanta™ GX precious metal analyzer. Accurate, easy to use, and nondestructive, the countertop instrument provides an affordable way to know the purity and composition of gold and other precious metals. Get ...more

PRECiV™ Measurement and Imaging Platform Designed for Inspection and Measurements Tasks
Don’t compromise—PRECiV software works the way that you do in most popular industrial and materials science applications and offers dedicated functionality for the main tasks and applications, such as: Semiconductors: defect detection using infrared imaging, wafer navigation with a ...more

SZX-AR1 Augmented Reality Microscope System
The AR1 microscope system enables you to overlay text and digital images over your microscope's field of view, making it easy to follow directions, read notes, and even watch videos without removing your eyes from the eyepieces. The AR1 module works with Olympus SZX stereo microscopes, ...more

Vanta™ iX In-Line XRF Analyzer for Automated Material Analysis
Keep Your Process Up to Speed The Olympus Vanta™ iX in-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer gives you confidence in your products by automating material analysis and alloy identification on the manufacturing line: Delivers instant results for real-time process monitoring and 100% ...more