Division Creaform DeutschlandHall 10 - Stand 1209

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  • Measuring instruments
    • Coordinate measuring and multi coordinate measuring devices
    • Measuring instruments, general
    • Measuring instruments, optical
    • Surface inspection instruments
  • Measuring machines
    • Three-dimensional measuring machines
    • Flexible measuring machines
    • Coordinate and multiple coordinate inspection machines
    • Measuring machines, general
    • Measuring machines, optical
    • Measuring robots
    • Optical, 3-dimensional, non-contact measuring machines
    • Production measuring machines
    • Measuring machines, mobile
  • Special purpose measuring equipment
    • Test installations for quality control
    • Test equipment for laboratory and manufacturing
  • Devices and machines for non-destructive testing
    • Apparatus for non-destructive testing
    • Laser measuring systems
  • Software for computer aided quality assurance
    • Mobile data entry
    • Computer aided quality assurance, general
  • Organisations / publishers / services
    • CAE-Aided Computer Engineering
    • Engineering services
    • Training for coordinate measuring techn., quality assurance, non-destructive testing
    • Non-destructive testing

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HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series - the new 3D Scanner by Creaform for Large Parts
The MAX Series has all the attributes that made the HandySCAN 3D line-up the reference in the industry: true portability, blue laser technology, integrated photogrammetry, live meshing, and more. It also offers new key features, guaranteed to simplify any scanning process: • Flex ...more