Product novelty 06. May 2021

Zephyr III range, the long-awaited productivity on CMM

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KREON Zephyr III 3D scanner with touch probe
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KREON Zephyr III-150
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The Zephyr III range benefits from Kreon® 's 30 years of experience in manufacturing and integrating 3D scanners on CMMs. 3D scanners are a valuable addition to digitally controlled CMMs, maximizing their potential. Thanks to the time saved, they meet both production and return on investment requirements. High-tech products, Zephyr III scanners combine precision, speed and resolution, to deliver high quality acquisition data. This requirement for excellence makes it possible to cope with all applications requiring the use of 3D scanning, even the most complex.

You can turn your CMM into a scanning machine with the two versions of the Zephyr III scanners. Dedicated to high accuracy and scanning resolution scanning on small geometries, the Zephyr III-50 is the most accurate one. With a 150mm laser line, the Zephyr III-150 is the fastest one, able to scan the largest parts in record time.

Incredibly versatile, Zephyr III scanners can be used on a wide range of machines: CMMs, measuring arms, robots, CNC machines. Investing in a Zephyr III scanner will allow cross-uses on different machines, for example on CMMs then on Kreon measuring arms.