Product novelty 18. March 2024

Reduce costs in your paintshop with contactless real-time coating layer thickness measurement

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Non-contact thickness measurement using the das-Nano Irys system, adapted to a collaborative robot.
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das-Nano Irys system at work for the world's first paint thickness inspection installation in a Volk
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The currently used quality control methods for the coating layer thickness measurement present any of the following flaws that had to be addressed with a new technology: require contact, measure the thickness of the entire coating instead of every layer, only valid on metallic substrates but not on plastic or composites, only valid for flat surfaces, requires very complex calibration process to add new layer schemes, etc.

das-Nano has solved the challenge thanks to the Irys system, a contactless and non-destructive system that measures the thickness of each coating layer, up to 7 layers. Irys is based on the cutting-edge terahertz technology, which is non-ionizing and, therefore, harmless for humans. Real-time thickness measurements of wet, dry and cured coatings onto any kind of substrate (plastic, metallic and composite) are obtained, providing the customer with faster R&D processes for painting new parts, more reliable painting processes and early detection of defective pieces. In addition, the system is fully automated (compatible with any conventional industrial and collaborative robot) and features a self-calibration system that requires no calibration stops. Applicable on flat and curved surfaces, has an excellent accuracy of 1 micron and measures layer thicknesses down to 5 microns.

The world’s first installation of a terahertz car body paint inspection system was done by das-Nano in a top OEM manufacturing plant in 2020 and has been working non-stop 24/7, reducing costs in the paintshop. Already more than 90,000 measured car bodies!

Five top OEMs and Tier1 plastic component suppliers in Europe, America and China already trust us.