Software Engineer

Garbsen (Hannover), Germany | Fulltime | February 2024 | All experience levels

Job Description

Shaping the future of AI, connectivity, and functionality for image processing systems.

• Design of system software architecture and interfaces of industrial X-ray equipment
• GUI design
• Develop and maintain industrial X-ray system software
• Implementation of communication protocols between radiation source, panel detector, and actuators in the industrial X-ray system
• Enabling communication of the X-ray equipment with company software libraries and algorithms



• Good communication, documentation, and reading in English
• Strong coding habits with a clear structure, logic, and standardized names
• Work experience in software, automation, CP, or related
• Bachelor or higher degree in software, CP, or related
• Ability to work in an international work environment and multi-cultural teams between Europe and China


1. Proficiency in multiple programming languages including C++, C#, etc.
2. Basic command of call functions in image processing libraries like OpenCV, Halcon, etc.
3. Experience in higher computer software and motion control software development


• Competitive payment based on experience
• Success bonus
• Flexible working hours
• Suitable environment for personal and career growth