Chief System Engineer Europe

Garbsen (Hannover), Germany | Fulltime | February 2024 | Executive Level

Job Description

You play a key role in technological competitiveness and business success in Europe, with a high impact on the global organization.

1. Competitive benchmarking of industrial x-ray/CT systems in the European market including function index
2. Market user demand analysis and definition
3. Design of the competitive strategy for the European market
4. Responsible for system architecture design, overall tech solutions, and strategic decisions
5. Responsible for research, testing, and implementation of key project technologies and functions



1. Master's degree or above with one year of work experience preferred in mathematics (preferred), physics, precision instruments, testing/measurement, or related
2. Experience designing X-ray/CT systems
3. Scientific research background with a basic command of data analysis, statistics, and programming
4. Strong English language skills in reading, writing, and communication
5. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork and communication
6. Goal-driven and strong work focus
7. Ability to work in an international work environment and multi-cultural teams between Europe and China


• Competitive remuneration package including company shares
• Success bonus
• Flexible working hours
• Suitable environment for personal and career growth