Produktneuheit 15. April 2024


SuPAR, Augmented Reality Interactive Inspection strongly supports and eases your ongoing drawing or CAD based visual inspection inspection processes. It enables up to 80% time saving.

AR interactive inspection opens the physical-digital mock up world and virtual assembly check and helps and supports the digital transformation.

The 5 Strongest SuPAR AR Visual Inspection Benefits

Huge Time Reduction:
Compared to traditional visual inspection using drawings or CAD models.

Simple and Powerful Geometry Check:
AR Visual Inspection allows intuitive geometry and assembly visual check. SuPAR automatically shows CAD surface edges and actual edges on the part helping a quick and easy error identification.

Easy Inspection and Secure Reporting:
Inspection template and POI (point of interest) will drive and secure the complete process. Annotations and
marks are easily created live on the AR model and automatically exported through an excel file. The complete 3D report can be reviewed and shared using the free SuPAR Composer. PDF and excel report are automatically created.

Cost Saving:
Financial savings due to improved networking inside the company and improved communication with customers/suppliers. SuPAR supports a lean process.

Easiness of Use:
Quick to learn and limited user experience required.